Why We Partner With Stripe?

       Here at Bidazzle, we love working with Stripe. In a nutshell, it's simple, flexible and with our platform serving to extend the capabilities, your customers receive a trustworthy and reliable solution. People will choose a payment gateway for a variety of reasons including transaction fees, ease of setup, cards/payment methods accepted, support, and of course "coolness". Without a doubt the coolest gateway on the block right now, and our unabashed favorite, is Stripe. Born out of a desire to remove the "pain" from payment processing, Stripe has achieved this goal by creating a payment processing option that's beautiful, simple, and (dare we say) fun to use. Inscrutable, incomplete or downright incorrect documentation, drawn-out and opaque sign-up processes, high fixed monthly costs or minimum transaction requirements, and complex integrations are only some of the joys commonly experienced with the old school processors, and fortunately avoided with Stripe. A few great things we think you'll like:
1) You can setup your Stripe account in less than one minute.
2) Transparent pricing.
3) Support for chargebacks.
4) Deeper reporting, if you need more than we at Bidazzle provide.